SharingWell Event Planning

Making Your Events Memorable

At SharingWell we orchestrate the most memorable events. Never content with the usual and blasé, we consider each event as an opportunity to fuse your cause into the occasion. Whether you are looking for a touching and emotional charity 5k, some cool school gear, or a whimsical social…we’ve gotcha. Event planning, catering and custom merchandise is what we do best.

Impact Is Our Thing


Empowering the Disadvantaged

As a company built on Empowering the Disadvantaged, we take great pleasure in helping the communities around us by lending a hand and providing opportunities for people to grow. We hope to be the spark above adversity by inspiring and empowering our society. SharingWell event planning has participated in, as well as hosted, a variety of events such as: 5K Races, Charity Events, Fundraisers, and more! Some of our previous events are pictured below: the Bookin’ for Lookin’ 5K 10 Year Anniversary, the Christine Englehardt Memorial Walk, and the St. Malachy & St. Martin of Tours Independent Mission Schools Coat Drive.

To read more about SharingWell’s vision visit our Mission Page.

Here are Just Some of Our Many Events…

Through SharingWell Event Planning Services we hope to help unite the communities around us as well as anyone who supports our mission of empowering the disadvantaged. You can find us located right outside of Philadelphia, PA in the quaint community of Bucks County.

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